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Alternative Views is the name of one of the longest running Public Access cable television programs in the United States, broadcasting out of Austin, TX from the early '80's until the mid '90's. The two hosts of the show, Douglas Kellner and Frank Morrow were pioneers of radical leftist televison, setting the stage for programs like Democracy Now, offering visions of the world that directly counter the hegemonic systems of mass media and covering issues ignored by the mainstream.

Working with Cambridge Community Television (CCTV), I rebroadcasted a 1991 episode of Alternative Views on live television titled "Secrets of the Gulf" which examined the history of the Gulf region, the U.S.'s involvement in supporting Saddam Hussein, major oil intersts, and other information about the war that was distorted, hidden or obscured by major news networks and featured notables such as Edward Said as guests.


Rebroadcasting the show without context, I aimed to provide hypothetical viewers with an opportunity to connect the events of the 1991 Persian Gulf War with traces of what exists now in the region and the U.S.'s involvement in the destabilization of Iraq. The show aired three times, and the above photograph was taken at a 8:00pm timeslot airing at the same time as a current episode of Democracy Now on one of their other chanels.

This piece was repositioned into the installation The Production of Belief, installed in a three-monitor Trinitron VHS editing deck with an episode of Gulf Crisis TV (a collaboration between Paper Tiger and Deep Dish TV) called "Operation Storm the Media" with a scrolling text by Lebanese poet Etal Adnan from her book of letters Of Cities & Women